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AAME Speaker Series

Since 2014, Arts Alliance Mountain Empire has hosted an annual speaker series, featuring local, regional and national artists, art educators and advocates of the arts. Visual artists, musicians, composers, directors, playwrights, actors and supporters of the arts have spoken or performed in a variety of venues in downtown Bristol Tennessee/Virginia. With an emphasis on the Appalachian Highlands region, the AAME Speaker Series has provided a forum for local artists to present their work to the community, as well as to discuss the process of their craft. All talks and performances are free to the public.

Music as Work: A Discussion Panel in Partnership with the Birthplace of Country Music Museum
Tuesday, May 23, 7-9p.m.
FREE — in person or virtual
Couldn't make it? You can watch it here.
Description: Coming from a variety of different perspectives, the panelists will discuss what it is like to work in the music field, how they engage others with their creative vision, the challenges and joys of dealing with the day-to-day realities of their careers, and more. The group will include Carla Gover, Dr. Dena Jennings, and Emily Spencer.