Bonnie Kate Players perform

December 12, 2023   |   6:30 pm @ Building 520

Elizabethton, TN: August Muse, Riverside Taphouse, and the Elizabethton/Carter County Library announce the upcoming December, ‘Creative Souls,’ featuring the Bonnie Kate Players. This event is an evening ofreclaiming the simpler joys of Christmas, scheduled to captivate audiences Tuesday, Dec. 12, at 6:30 p.m. at Building 520 venue located in the heart of Elizabethton.

The Bonnie Kate Players, a group known for their local enchanting performances, will take center stage. Audiences can expect an evening brimming with Christmas melodies, prose and poetry,and laughter.

"This event is a celebration of our dedication to cultivating the arts within our community," says Paula Augustine, owner of August Muse. "We are thrilled to host the Bonnie Kate Players and provide a platform for their talent. It’s an opportunity for individuals of all ages to immerse themselves in a rich artistic experience."

The second Tuesday of each month the 'Creative Souls' events are free and open to the public. Join August Muse, the Elizabethton Carter County Public Library, Riverside Taphouse and the Bonnie Kate Players for an evening filled with artistic inspiration, uniting the Elizabethton community in a celebration of the arts.

Category: Music