Morningstar Flute Ensemble performs

August 21, 2022   |   3 pm @ First Presbyterian Church

Morningstar Flute Ensemblegives a concert at 3 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 21, as part of the ongoing Arts Series at First Presbyterian Church, 100 W. Church Circle, Kingsport, Tennessee.

The catalyst for the formation ofMorningstar Flute Ensemblewas the opportunity for a concert tour of Hungary in 2006.Since then, the ensemble has given concerts in several states and recorded a CD, “Tranquility.”

In addition to the piccolo and familiar C flute, Morningstar may perform on instruments unfamiliar to the average listener – alto flute, bass flute and the 6-foot-tall contrabass flute.

Whether hearing classical, Celtic, Christmas, or contemporary genres, audiences are entertained and delighted by Morningstar’s music, performed on this concert by flutists Hayley Goad, Erik Peterson, Schery Collins, Janet Reinholz and Charlotte Ellis, soprano Sara Hrivnak and percussionist Scott Eddlemon.

Continuing their eclectic tradition, Morningstar has prepared a concert program that should satisfy any musical taste.You will hear a “Chaconne” by Henry Purcell, “Lift Thine Eyes” from Mendelssohn’s “Elijah” and the well-known spiritual “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.”

Humor is provided by “The Bird Song,” featuring soprano Sara Hrivnak, and “Paul Bunyan and His Blue Ox, Babe” by Catherine McMichael.

A nod to Americana continues with another movement from McMichael’s “Legends from the Greenwood,” the flowing and lovely “Evangeline and Gabriel.”

And who doesn’t like a bit of ragtime to spice things up, this time provided by Adaline Shepard’s “Pickles and Peppers.”

The ensemble also premiers several original compositions by founder Charlotte Ellis which honor friends and important people in her life, and two of her arrangements of Celtic music, “I Wish My Love Was a Red, Red Rose” and a livelier medley with Scott Eddlemon playing the bodhran, the Celtic drum.

Concert admission is $15 for adults, students admitted free.Tickets are available at the door or in advance from First Presbyterian Church (423-245-0104).For more information contact Charlotte Ellis at 423-323-4933.

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