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Barter Upgrades assistive listening system at main stage

May 20, 2013

ABINGDON, VA. – Barter Theatre announced the recent upgrade of the assistive listening system at its main stage. The new system is produced by Listen Technologies and transmits audio through a radio signal to a receiver used by patrons.

"We are very grateful to Abingdon ENT Associates for underwriting this project," said Allison Mays, advancement officer. "We want all of our patrons to enjoy the full experience of Barter Theatre, from every note of the music of 'Les Misérables' to the comedy of 'Southern Fried Funeral.' The assistive listening system allows our hearing impaired patrons to be fully engaged with what is happening on stage."

This system is available for patrons who do not use a hearing aid, but may need some assistance with their hearing. It also works for patrons who do not have telecoil installed in their hearing aids. Barter Theatre main stage now has 21 fully charged receivers, and patrons can choose to use either headphones or earbuds to enhance their listening experience.

"The volume picks up immediately as soon as Richard Rose, Producing Artistic Director, starts his curtain speech," said Sandy Smith, assistant house manager. "Our patrons can hear without any delay."

The recent upgrade is just part of Barter's ongoing commitment to making live theatre more accessible.