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I Am ... Linda Ellen new book by L.H. Hoagland

November 4, 2013

North Tazewell, Va., author L.H. Hoagland is the author of I Am...Linda Ellen by PublishAmerica.

"As an adult I tinkered with the idea that I might be able to express my words poetically," Hoagland says. "This volume is the result of that tinkering. Having had several of my pieces published made me a believer that I am a poet. I tell stories with my poems that let the reader know who I am and how I feel about each situation from my parents, to my past loves, and my true love. I added a few whimsical ideas and thoughts for a laugh or two."

Hoagland, a graduate of Southwest Virginia Community College, has won acclaim for her eight mystery novels and has written six nonfiction books while releasing a collection of prize winning short writings along with having many poems published. She is a retired public school employee and a mother of two sons.