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Use these prompt to participate.

Use these prompt to participate.

Local artists host #pouncepunk23 challenge

January 28, 2023

Appalachian artists Brett Marcus Cook and Richard Graves have announced the 2023 Pouncepunk community art challenge this February. Pouncepunk is an annual art challenge in the form of a prompt list, where everyone is invited to make art together in the month of February.

To participate, create a piece of art in any medium based on a prompt from the list, and post on that day in February using the hashtag #pouncepunk23. Tag the hosts (Instagram @brettpunk @serpounce) so they can see and share your creations.

This is the second year hosting the challenge. In 2022 there were over 1,500 entries both local and international that included traditional illustrators, painters, animators, dancers, make-up artists, doodles, hobbyists, youth art and many folks using the challenge as an excuse to create for the first time in a while. No experience is necessary to participate, all skill levels are enthusiastically welcomed.

The prompts include (in order) faerie, shout, opposite, dance, break, ice, justice, roots, comic, small, chaos, splash, numbers, love, gender, space, food, cat, dream, bug, fierce, clock, robot, rainbow, rip, gesture, skull and ghost.

The project was founded as a way to showcase and celebrate the talent and creativity of the people in Appalachia and to cultivate a supportive environment for the community to make art together in a fun way.

You can find the prompts on Instagram @brettpunk @serpounce.