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Reece Museum at ETSU holds Friends' Membership Drive

January 2, 2007

JOHNSON CITY - Since 1965, the Friends of the Reece Museum, a non-profit support organization for the B. Carroll Reece Museum at East Tennessee State University, has played an integral role in the museum's success, with members providing a variety of valuable services and contributions.

According to the Reece director, Theresa Burchett-Anderson, "The vital link between a museum and the larger community it serves is often realized through a friends organization such as FORM."

The FORM membership campaign - "Welcome to a New Day at the Reece" - is now in progress, and it capitalizes on the flurry of activity that has been seen at the museum since the director's arrival in March. And, as campaign support material notes, ". . . from roof to foundation, from exhibition schedule to a thousand-and-one improvements the general public may never see, the Reece is being reshaped."

The Carroll Reece Museum, which is one of only two university facilities in Tennessee accredited by the American Association of Museums, has a long history of promoting the region's cultural landscape. The museum is a division of the ETSU Center for Appalachian Studies and Services, a Tennessee Center of Excellence.

To learn more about ETSU's Friends of the Reece Museum and how to become a supporter, call (423) 439-4392.