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Nancy Johnson

Nancy Johnson

Seven resident artists at The Arts Depot

May 27, 2015

There are seven resident artists at The Arts Depot. They are in their studios Thursday through Saturday during The Arts Depot's operating hours and are always willing to talk to visitors.

Studio 1 is home to Nancy Johnson who creates colorful folk paintings that depict ethnic pride and a loving look at black American culture.

Studio 2A is where Joyce Samuel comes to "play." Her watercolors are filled with "what I truly care about and the things I love that are all around me," she says. Joyce also creates fused dichroic glass jewelry.

Studio 2B is occupied by Jackie Dolpp who enjoys manipulating color in her watercolors, crayon and pencil creations. She has also begun working with alcohol ink and watercolor batik.

Studio 3A is the home of Helen Morgan who is primarily a weaver, but also makes jewelry and mixed media works.

Studio 3B is where Steven Reeves, the newest resident artist, works. Reeves is the only male resident artist and laughs that he bakes a cake each week, so his female counterparts will let him stay. Reeves is a portrait artist and works in oils.

Studio 4 is where Sara Reese "gets my hands in clay." She creates whimsical animals, textured tiles, sculptural vessels and popular nativity sets.

Studio 5 is occupied by Nancy Garretson and her weavings and fiber arts creations.

Helen Morgan, Sara Reese and Nancy Garretson are part of the original group who started The Depot Artists Association and have had their studios at The Arts Depot since the beginning.

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