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Thanks to AAME supporters

March 28, 2018

The Arts Alliance Mountain Empire thanks all those
who generously supported our annual fund drive.
Your contributions support our mission to promote
the arts in the region.

Nancy Arnold
Kenneth and Linda Brittle
Gayle Brown
Susan Brown
Theresa Burriss
William Campbell
Pat Combs
Nancy and Randy Cook
Otey Dudley
John and Brenda Fincher
Jay and Marianne Fischer
W.P. and E.L. Flannagan
Ben and Patsy Frizzell
Bonny and Bill Gable
Charles Garnett
Evelyn Goldston
Fred Greear, Jr.
Tom and Carolyn Hanlon
Kerry and Carolyn Haynes
Tina Hitt
Ann and Pete Holler
Ben and Merry Jennings
Lucyann Jewell
Jones and Associates Realty
Fred W. Keller
Barbara Kurre
Gary and Tracy Lilly
Darlene Litton
Beth and Joseph McCoy
Nancy McMurray
Jan Massengill
Ann and Bruce Mathews
Maureen Moffet
Anna Morgan Trust
Susan Nicholson
Gloria and Ken Oster
Jan and Leno Rainero
J.H. Rainero
Mary N. Rainero
Thomas Rogers III
Richard Rollins
Barbara Smith
Jamie Smyth
David and Marilyn Thomas
S. Smith Wham