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Three from area in film, TV industry

September 25, 2013

Everyone wants to be in the movies – or on TV, or to work in the movies – or the TV industry. Unfortunately, opportunities are limited in the Tri-Cities area.

Our cover stories this month feature three individuals from this area who are realizing their dreams of working in the movie and TV industry. Two have had to move away from the area, but one lives here and commutes to act in movies and TV series.

Director Scott Cooper has quickly risen to become one of Hollywood's "A-list" directors after making only two feature-length films, "Crazy Heart" and his new film "Out of the Furnace."

Cooper granted A! Magazine an interview about his new film and his life in Hollywood. His studio publicist also granted us the rights to publish some stills from the upcoming film.

Based in Richmond, Va., Christina Garnett has worked in the film and TV industry for 15 years, behind the scenes on the crews of numerous projects. Garnett reveals what it is like to be a freelancer in the TV and movie industry.

And finally Robin Mullins talks about her career, running a very successful business in Abingdon as well as acting in many films and TV series over two decades.

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