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Award of Distinction: A Night Well Lived - Jeff Chapman Crane

Award of Distinction: A Night Well Lived — Jeff Chapman Crane

VHF Announces Juried Fine Art Award Winners

August 14, 2018

ABINGDON, Va. - The 70th Annual Virginia Highlands Festival presented awards to the “Juried Fine Art” show winners at the Arts Depot July 26.

The Fine Art Awards were presented in a lecture given by juror Brent Skidmore. The festival offered more than $1,500 in cash prizes for work chosen by Skidmore, including a new award named for long-time festival supporter and Juried Fine Art committee member, Gary Kimbrell.

Award winners are as follows:

The Award of Excellence: “The Blind Leading the Blind” by Michelle O’Patick-Ollis

The Awards of Distinction: “Renewal” by E. Maynard Blanton

“Summer’s Blessings” by Brenda Ratliff

“A Night Well Lived” Jeff Chapman Crane

The Awards of Merit: “Shattered” by Sally Mook

“Frank L. Wright’s House” by Joyce Kistner

“Winter” by Lawrence Danecke

The Gary Kimbrell Award: “Second Chances” by Steven Reeves

The Plein Air Award: “Cloudy Over Shady Valley” by Joe Burnette

Honorable Mentions:

“Constantine, A Stained Man” and “”Lakeside in Autumn” by Walter White

“At the Bridge” and “St. Mary’s” by Joseph Zoeller

“Pueblo Sunrise” and “For the Love of Giraffes” by Kathy Millhorn Hawk

“Bird of Happiness” by Belle Neighbors

“No Place Like Home” and “Roots and Wings” by Greg Howser

“Mrs. Duckworthy” by Joyce Kistner

“Girl in the World,” “Snowflake Galloping,” and “Perfect Profile” by Sophia Bennett

“Highland Park III,” “Lavender Fields,” and “On My Way” by Kenneth Stockton

“White Hydrangeas” and “On the Occasion of my 58th Anniversary” by Jackie Dolpp

“Lady & Dog Monochrome” and “Meaning of Figs” by Jo Anne Wilkerson Lyle

“My Appalachia 2” and “River Rocks 4” by Bepe “Elizabeth” Kafka