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Virginia Intermont Photography Students Continued Tradition at Rhythm & Roots 2013

November 12, 2013

BRISTOL, TN/VA - Since the first Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion in 2001, Virginia Intermont College photography students have been the official photographers of the festival. This year, 17 Intermont students worked as the official photographers of the 2013 BRRR in September.

"Every picture that you see used in a brochure, schedule, poster or advertisement in a magazine was shot by one of our students," VI Photography Professor Neil Staples says. "VI had 17 kids covering everything from the Jam Camp on VI's campus to the 5k Road Race, Children's Day, the Chili Cook-Off and at all music venues in downtown Bristol during all three days of the festival."

VI's Photography & Digital Imaging program offers a special projects class specifically designed to cover the BRRR festival. Students learn what is involved in planning and executing an event of this magnitude – from logistics and shooting to editing and client relations. The class gives students valuable business and shooting experience, as well as the opportunity to be involved in a renowned event. Over the weekend, students worked an average of 30 hours and edited nearly 33,000 photos.

Junior photographer Marian Cunningham said of her experience: "I've always loved Rhythm and Roots. I love the fact that so many people can get together just for the love a good music as well as supporting local and small-time bands. It's a fun and heartwarming experience and I really feel grateful for being able to document it."

All of VI's photographers from the 2013 BRRR are listed below.

Marian Cunningham

Leanne Harrington

Haley Hensley

Greta Lindler

Katie Montague

Brandon Reese

Kayla Robbins

Amelia Spooner

Chad Thompson

Josh Weilepp

Amanda Wiehrs

Lillie Sullivan

Sarah Tomlinson

Brey Warren

Evan McGurrin

Billie Wheeler

Margie Fishback