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WKMA Receives the Richmond Conservation Studio Grant

June 21, 2022

William King Museum of Art received the 2021 Richmond Conservation Studio Grant for the conservation of a portrait by the 19th century artist, Samuel Shaver. The sitter is Anna Chastain, c. 1845-50, as a young teenager. She was born in Smyth County, Virginia, and her family moved to Kentucky when she was eight but later moved to Abingdon for her education. The portrait was painted by Samuel Shaver, whose uncle, Michael Shaver, was a silversmith in Abingdon. Samuel Shaver was a prolific portrait artist working in the nearby Tennessee counties of Sullivan and Hawkins. He later moved to Knoxville where he became known for his portraits of politicians, business tycoons, military leadersand children. His later paintings, like this one, featured a background landscape.

The Conservation Grant is a joint project of the Richmond Conservation Studio and the Virginia Association of Museums. Rebecca Guest, Virginia Association of Museums’ Membership & Development Manager, said “VAM is thrilled to once again work with the Richmond Conservation Studio on this exciting project. Congrats to the William King Museum of Art for being selected as the 2021 Conservation Grant recipient.”